Full service car leasing for companies

Full service car leasing for companies from Sixt Leasing

Full service leasing - a smart alternative to vehicle purchasing. 

Affordable price, great service, security and 24/7 assistance are just the few of the great advantages that are valued by Sixt leasing clients.
Get your long term rental vehicle and get all of the advantages today!

Your company needs a car?  

Get your car leased from Sixt leasing. In the framework of full service leasing we will equip your cars according to your company needs and lease them for the agreed period (on average 3-5 years) and mileage. Rental fee remains invariable during all rental period. If your company wants to change the existing car for new one, we will sell your car for you.

What are the advantages of full service leasing?

  • fixed monthly payments that allow to plan the financial flow and all vehicle related expenses included in the monthly invoice;
  • guaranteed convenience and service- all vehicle related matters ensures Sixt leasing;
  • off-balance sheet solution as the car is rented not purchased;
  • advantage of the Sixt purchasing power even if you lease one car;
  • inburdened bookkeeping – one invoice per month for all services;
  • one 24/7 toll-free phone for all issues.

How can we provide that?

Sixt is the largest vehicle purchaser in Baltics. Thus Sixt has greater advantages and discounts not only from the car dealers but also from the service providers in all Baltics. Become Sixt Leasing client and get the advantages from Sixt purchasing power for your fleet today!

Why choose Sixt Leasing services?

Sixt provides you the rental of your desired make and model vehicle or full service operational leasing for the best price.

Questions regarding car leasing or fleer management?
Call us and find out more!
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